Bayesian analyses made easy: GLMMs in R package brms

Here I illustrate how to fit GLMMs with the R package brms, and compare to Jags and lme4.

Statistical ecology

Developing, communicating and teaching methods and models for ecology and conservation biology.

Workshop on Bayesian statistics

Just finished polishing up my slides for a workshop on Bayesian statistics.

Nimble and HMM

Playing around w/ awesome @R_nimble to fit multievent #HMM capture-recapture models to data - Code and data here Comments welcome 🤗 — Olivier Gimenez 🖖 (@oaggimenez) December 2019

Daniel Turek is with us for 6 months!

🥳 It is a pleasure to welcome Daniel Turek @WilliamsCollege for a 6-month sabbatical here in @montpellier_ Stay tuned for more about #Bayes #StatisticalEcology w/ @R_nimble 🤩 Check out Daniel's website ▶️ https://t.

AppliBugs and applications of Bayesian theory

We held AppliBugs in Montpellier, with the idea to stimulate exchanges and to share information on Bayesian methods and applications ( program here). The day went well despite a rainstorm falling on Montpellier.