Current lab members

Adélaïde Monchy (PhD 2022-2025) is working on the propagation of uncertainties related to the automatic processing of sensor data in different models in ecology. She is co-supervised with Marie-Pierre Etienne.

Léa Pautrel (PhD 2022-2025) is investigating the use of deep learning coupled with continuous-time models to exploit sensor data, in particular cam traps. She is co-supervised with Marie-Pierre Etienne and Sylvain Moulherat from TerrOïko.

Louis Barbu (intern 2022) is learning R and GIS. He is a second year student of BTSA GPN. Louis is currently conducting a study on the functionality of ecological corridors through the European otter in the Hérault department.

Maëlis Kervellec (PhD 2021-2024) is developing statistical models for the analysis of camera trap data with applications in large carnivores population ecology. This is joint work with colleagues from the French Office of Biodiversity

Marwan Naciri (PhD 2021-2024) is studying the demography of polar bears. He is co-supervised by Sarah Cubaynes and Jon Aars.

Deborah Coz (PhD 2021-2024) is using games and companion modelling to build social-ecological communities and enrich animal geography. She is supervised by Raphaël Mathevet.

Matthew Silk (post-doc 2022-2023) is a behavioural and disease ecologist researching the links between population dynamics and social structure by developing new social network and demographic models. Matt is a MCSA research fellow.

Javi Fernández-López (post-doc 2022-2023) is interested in conservation biology and phylogeography. He is modelling the distribution of mammals in Europe by integrating various sources of data. Check out his website

Julie Louvrier (post-doc 2022) is an ecologist with strong quantitative skills. She is studying the interactions between large carnivores using occupancy models.

Mónia Nakamura Mercier Real (PhD 2019-2024) is investigating the impacts of anthropogenic factors on large carnivores persistence in human-dominated landscapes. She uses wolf in Spain and Portugal as a model species to address how different humanization levels can influence habitat selection and land use, and ultimately affect its demography, status and viability. The thesis is co-supervised with José Vicente López-Bao and Pedro Monterroso.

Béatrice Chataigner (EPHE diploma 2020-2022) is working on locally-based monitoring programs in Kenya. Her research project aims at exploring the performances of current ecological monitoring program of Kenyan conservanciesin addressing their needs in terms of adaptive management at local level as well as ecosystem level. Béatrice works for IUCN in the Program on African Protected Areas and Conservation. Her work is jointly supervised by Nicholas Pilfold and Aurélien Besnard.

Patrícia Rodrigues (post-doc 2021-2023) is interested in the social-ecological dynamics underpinning environmental problems in Africa. Her current project aims to characterize landscapes within Africa’s Great Green Wall in terms of their social-ecological properties and restoration initiatives. More here.

Alix Cosquer (post-doc 2019-2022) is an environmental psychologist. She is studying how to favor connections between nature and children using educative marine areas. Her ongoing research project is on children’s relationships with nature in schools.

Statistics, ecology & social sciences

I’m a scientist working at the interface of animal ecology, statistical modeling and social sciences.