Current lab members

Célian Monchy (PhD 2022-2025) is working on the propagation of uncertainties related to the automatic processing of sensor data in different models in ecology. He is co-supervised by Marie-Pierre Etienne.

Léa Pautrel (PhD 2022-2025) is investigating the use of deep learning coupled with continuous-time models to exploit sensor data, in particular cam traps. She is co-supervised by Marie-Pierre Etienne and Sylvain Moulherat from TerrOïko.

Maëlis Kervellec (PhD 2021-2024) is developing statistical models for the analysis of camera trap data with applications in large carnivores population ecology. This is joint work with colleagues from the French Office of Biodiversity

Oksana Grente (PhD 2018-2021, post-doc 2023-2025) works at evaluating the impact of lethal control on the French wolf population, with a special interest in social structure and livestock depredation. This is joint work with Sarah Bauduin, Christophe Duchamp and Nolwenn Hoguet-Drouet from French Office of Biodiversity.

Simon Lacombe (PhD 2023-2026) is a quantitative ecologists who’s determining the drivers of European otter recolonization in France using non-invasive sampling and statistical ecology. He is co-supervised by Sébastien Devillard.

Cyril Milleret (post-doc 2024-2026) works on spatial explicit capture-recapture models for the French wolf population. This is joint work with Christophe Duchamp and Jean-Michel Vandel from French Office of Biodiversity.

Cassie Speakman (post-doc 2024-2025) works on the population consequences of human disturbance on small carnivores. This is joint work with Sandrine Ruette from French Office of Biodiversity.

Statistics, ecology & social sciences

I’m a scientist working at the interface of animal ecology, statistical modeling and social sciences.