Tips and tricks in Tidyverse

Because of my old age I guess, I'm often asked how I switched from base R #RStats to #tidyverse. I learnt by watching @drob screencasts 🎥 in which he analyses #TidyTuesday data he has never seen before (!

Semaine écologie environnement biodiversité du CNRS à Montpellier

A Montpellier, @oaggimenez présente le fonctionnement du DIPEE Occitanie-Est qui rassemble plusieurs laboratoires @UmrAmap @cefemontpellier @criobe_pf @isemevol @umrMARBEC @MIVEGEC @ihpe_lab @EcotronCNRS Pour en savoir plus sur ce DIPEE 👇

Our new book on statistical approaches for hiddens variables in ecology

It's real 😇🤩🥳 — Olivier Gimenez 🖖 (@oaggimenez) May 24, 2022

My quick introduction to data visualisation with R

🔧🚧 I have updated my quick introduction to data visualisation w/ R 📦 ggplot2 🥳 In case it's useful 😉▶️ ◀️ w/ practicals & solutions Cartoons @allison_horst 💜#ggplot #tidyverse #dataviz #RStats pic.

Introduction on data wrangling with R

🔧🚧 Intro on data wrangling w/ R 📦 dplyr - import data, pipe, pivot, join, filter, count, work w/ columns, dates, char, factors, etc #tidyverse ▶️ ◀️ w/ practicals https://t.

Introduction to GIS and mapping in R

😇 I updated the slides of my introduction to #GIS and #mapping in #rstats using the #sf package and 🐻 🗺️ in the #pyrenees 🏔️ 🧑‍🏫 Slides: 🧑‍💻 Code: https://t.

Matrix population models: Lecture slides and R codes for a workshop

Happy to share lecture slides & R codes of an earlier version of the workshop 👇 we ran back in 2014 🤯 w JD Lebreton & @KoonsLab ➡️ #RStats For video 📽️📺, check out our workshop on pop dynamics https://t.

Useful papers on GLMMs

Useful papers on GLMMs 🤩🥳@bolkerb @dalejbarr See also GLMM FAQ by @bolkerb & others — Olivier Gimenez 🖖 (@oaggimenez) May 3, 2022

Bayesian analyses made easy: GLMMs in R package brms

Here I illustrate how to fit GLMMs with the R package brms, and compare to Jags and lme4.

8èmes journées du GdR EcoStat

8th conf of 🇫🇷 Statistical Ecology network #gdrEcoStat is about to start 🥳 We're at 🏡 this year in @montpellier_ I'll be tweeting today & tomorrow, hope it'll pick your interest 😇🔇