Workshop on Bayesian statistics

Just finished polishing up my slides for a workshop on Bayesian statistics.

Text mining of the ISEC2020 abstracts

Quick and dirty text mining of the ISEC2020 abstracts.


Tribute to Byron Morgan

Statistical ecology and large carnivores

Talking about statistical ecology and large carnivores.

Tagging species with deep learning.

Tagging species with deep learning.

Fitting ODE-based model to data in Nimble

Crude attempt at fitting dynamic ODE-BASED models to noisy data with Nimble.

Interactive visualisation of bias in occupancy models

Interactive data visualisation of bias in occupancy models w/ flexdashboard.

Simulations from the Rota's multispecies occupancy model

How to simulate data from the Rota’s multispecies occupancy model.

Bias in occupancy models

Quick & dirty simulations to look at bias in occupancy estimates with respect to species detection for a static/single-season model.

Déprédations par le loup en France

Une analyse descriptive du phénomène de concentration d’attaques de loup sur des élevages d’animaux domestiques en France.