Statistics, ecology & social sciences

My name is Olivier Gimenez and I am a CNRS senior scientist at CEFE working at the interface of animal ecology, statistical modeling and social sciences in the Human-Animal Interactions group. I studied maths and statistics in particular, finishing my PhD in 2003. I obtained my Habilitation in ecology and evolution, and more recently embarked in studying sociology.

With students and colleagues, we focus on questions in ecology and conservation biology dealing with the impact of climate change and human activities on population dynamics and species distribution and the management of mammals. I’m also interested in human-wildlife interactions and how interdisciplinary approaches may contribute to the coexistence of humans and animals.

If you’d like to work with us, feel free to contact me, and check out this paper which gives the spirit of how we enjoy doing science. For news and chat, you may find me on Twitter and GitHub 😄. When time allows, I write R posts which are also published on rweekly and r-bloggers.