Another visit of Ian Renner

Ian Renner from the University of Newcastle in Australia, who visited us back in 2015, is with us again for a short 3-week visit.

Another visit of Raluca Bancila

Raluca Bancila, who visited us back in 2015, is with us again for a short 2-week visit. We will resume a project we started one year ago on the evaluation of demographic parameters of two related species of spadefoot toads (Pelobates syriacus and P.

Laura Cowen's sabbatical

Laura Cowen from the Department of Math and Stat at University of Victoria (Canada) will be on a sabbatical with us for 3 months. We will be working on the applications of hidden Markov models to capture-recapture data.

Ian Renner's visit

Ian Renner from the University of Newcastle in Australia spent some time with us while on a sabbatical. We worked together on developing a method to combine sources of information on species distribution.

Raluca Bancila's visit

I had the visit of Raluca Bancila a research scientist from Romania. We investigated spatio-temporal environmental variation in and individual heterogeneity on emigration/immigration rates of the troglophile harvestmen species Paranemastoma silli with capture-recapture models.

Visitors from Berlin

I had the visit of Sarah Benhaim and Lucile Marescot (a former PhD student of mine), both post-doc at the Leibniz Institute in Berlin supervised by Stephanie Kramer-Schadt. It was an exciting week that we spent discussing and analyzing data on the spotted hyenas from the Serengeti National Park with questions at the interface of demography, sociality and epidemiology.

Nina Santostasi's visit

I had the visit of Nina Santostasi from Italy to work for a few days on the estimation of striped dolphin abundance in the gulf of Corinth (in Greece). Nina is working with Giovanni Bearzi and Silvia Bonizzoni from the NGO Dolphin Biology and Conservation.

Jim Sedinger's sabbatical

Jim Sedinger, professor at the University of Nevada (Reno), said goodbye to the team after 3 months with us on a sabbatical. It’s been great to have Jim here analyzing data collected as part of the amazing Black Brant monitoring initiated in the 40s.

Economy and large carnivores

Ben Rashford and Thomas Foulke from the University of Wyoming visited us. They gave a great talk on “Wolf Re-Introduction in the Northern Rockies, USA: From Population and Predation Trends to Policy and Economics”.

Bye bye Lise and Dave

Dave and Lise are going back home to the US after a 6-month sabbatical with us. It’s been awesome to have you here!