Talk on the science-management gap in Marseille

We attended the conference organized by the French Ecological Society in Marseille. Our talk was ‘Conservation and management of large carnivores in France: A beneficial collaboration between ONCFS practitioners and CNRS researchers’.

Species distribution model day

Taking the opportunity of Ian Renner’s visit, we organized thanks to the GdR EcoStat a conference on the recent advances in the modeling of species distribution. We were lucky to have the cream of researchers in the domain with Julien Papaïx, Joseph Chipperfield, Ian Renner, Joern Pagel, Bob O’Hara, Laura Pollock and Damaris Zurell.

Economy and large carnivores

Ben Rashford and Thomas Foulke from the University of Wyoming visited us. They gave a great talk on “Wolf Re-Introduction in the Northern Rockies, USA: From Population and Predation Trends to Policy and Economics”.