Workshop on estimating occupancy in R

I just run a 3h workshop on estimating occupancy in R w/ wolf as a case study 🐺🗺️ 🌍 Website w/ slides, R code and data 📽️ Video recording (in English w/ 👽 accent) https://t.

Annuaire du Réseau Thématique en écologie statistique

Le Réseau Thématique en écologie statistique propose un annuaire des labos/pers en #ecostat Que vous soyez à la recherche d'un labo pour un stage, d'une pers avec une compétence, ou pour vous faire une idée des contours de notre communauté, visitez https://t.

Euring 2023

Last week we had the pleasure to host the #euring2023 conf 🤩 Awesome pple, amazing science, sun & good food 😇 Hope everyone enjoyed it 💜 Video recordings of talks & workshops freely available at https://t.

Resources on neural networks for ecology

How do neural networks work 🤔 What's under the hood 🤯 A few pointers in the thread below with a R/statistian bias 😇 #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #NeuralNetworks #CNN #RStats 🧵⬇️

A proposal for a diamond Open Access journal in Statistical Ecology

Check it out, this is huge 🤯 Awesome initiative led by @FredBarraquand Let's get ourselves a 💎 #OpenAccess journal in #StatisticalEcology 🤩 Free for readers and for authors pic.

Our new book on statistical approaches for hiddens variables in ecology

It's real 😇🤩🥳 — Olivier Gimenez 🖖 (@oaggimenez) May 24, 2022

8èmes journées du GdR EcoStat

8th conf of 🇫🇷 Statistical Ecology network #gdrEcoStat is about to start 🥳 We're at 🏡 this year in @montpellier_ I'll be tweeting today & tomorrow, hope it'll pick your interest 😇🔇

Why a career in statistical ecology?

I have been interviewed recently by Lise Viollat who’s preparing a documentary for our national research group in statistical ecology. I have written my two cents answers to her challenging and very relevant questions. Thank you Lise for the interview !

Pourquoi une carrière en écologie statistique?

Dans le cadre d’un documentaire que réalise Lise Viollat, celle-ci m’a posé des questions sur mon parcours en recherche, et en écologie statistique. Je reproduis mes réponses ici. Merci Lise pour l’entretien !

Seminar on large carnivores and statistical ecology

A seminar I gave remotely for the university of Lisboa.