déprédations par le loup et contrôle létal

Oksana Grente @oksanagrente a fait sa thèse sur les déprédations par le loup et le contrôle létal 🐺🐑 Pour porter ses résultats à connaissance de toutes et tous, elle a écrit cet article https://t.

Review on individual heterogeneity in capture-recapture models

I just submitted to Oikos a paper entitled "Individual heterogeneity and capture-recapture models: what, why and how?". A pre-print is available [here]( I also provide R codes on GitHub [there](

Focus on two Brown bear papers

Among the papers we published lately, I’d like to emphasize two contributions on the conservation of brown bears with some eminent colleagues: Karamanlidis, A.A., M. de Gabriel Hernando, L. Krambokoukis, O.

Statistical ecology comes of age

Our meeting report on ISEC2014 has appeared in Biology Letters just before Christmas eve, nice gift! Check it out, it’s in open access.