individual heterogeneity

Review on individual heterogeneity in capture-recapture models

I just submitted to Oikos a paper entitled "Individual heterogeneity and capture-recapture models: what, why and how?". A pre-print is available [here]( I also provide R codes on GitHub [there](

Raluca Bancila's visit

I had the visit of Raluca Bancila a research scientist from Romania. We investigated spatio-temporal environmental variation in and individual heterogeneity on emigration/immigration rates of the troglophile harvestmen species Paranemastoma silli with capture-recapture models.

Working group in demography

As part of the GdR EcoStat and our evolutionary demography group, we had a stimulating workshop on the quantification of individual heterogeneity in survival of wild populations using an approach recently developed by Hal Caswell.

Workshop on individual heterogeneity

We had a lovely 2-day workshop in Lyon on individual heterogeneity in demography as part of our research group on Statistical Ecology. I gave a short talk providing an overview of heterogeneous capture-recapture models.

Individual heterogeneity and capture-recapture at EURING 2013

Below are the slides of my plenary talk at the 2013 EURING meeting on individual variability in capture-recapture models. I couldn’t attend, but the organizers were kind enough to run my presentation to the audience.