Self teaching reproducible research

I decided to teach myself how to do proper reproducible research. Many reasons to that: save time on the mid/long term, make my analyses open and criticizable, share with others, …

There are tons of resources on the web. I use the tutorials cooked by guru Karl Broman. For people like me who learned S-plus, he has some advice to switch to modern tools. Among others, I try and use more and more RStudio in connection with KnitR and R Markdown and share my codes on GitHub. I am more a Fortran guy, but Rcpp makes me wonder about C++. Version control, piping and the tidy universe are not yet entirely familiar to me, I’m making baby steps (or grandpa steps I should say). Let’s see how it goes.

Statistics, ecology & social sciences

I’m a scientist working at the interface of animal ecology, statistical modeling and social sciences.

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