Research grant on multispecies demography

Wow, another good news, our project “Climate and management effects on COMmunity dynamics – Developing multi-species DEMOgraphy” will be funded by ANR!

I submitted it in April for the third time. I originally submitted it (just once) to the ERC back in 2011, it was rejected. Over the years, we received constructive comments from referees that helped improving the project, and made it more solid.

In DEMOCOM, we will develop an integrated statistical framework for estimation and inference about community dynamics via the development of a multispecies demography, bringing together concepts, predictions and tools from both fields of demography and community ecology. We will apply this new framework to case studies on fishes, mammals and birds. The methods will be made available through R packages.

This is a collaborative project with many partners involved, and people to be hired (stay tuned). The project will start early 2017, more soon.

Statistics, ecology & social sciences

I’m a scientist working at the interface of animal ecology, statistical modeling and social sciences.

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